PART 1- INTRODUCTION Paa Taraq: Chapter 46: ?The Accused? , Verses 65-67. ?65. Some even have mixed seeds from their mother?s mother?s mother and their father?s father?s father and all who they mixed their DNA with. Even the cursed seeds of devils speak to your thoughts and govern your actions. 66. Many evil actions, weaknesses, addictions that you let control your actions. 67. The strongest of all pleasures from sexual to lustful to perversions. Like a disease, they can overpower you.? When we examine the Nubian or Black community; as compared to other communities, a series of observations begins to manifest to the questioning mind. First of all: Why are there so many liquor stores in the Nubian communities? Why is there a church just about on every corner, yet the general population of Nubians are far from being truly ?religious? or having true spirituality? Why is it that there are so many drug dealers in the Nubian community and the police know who they are, yet they refuse to do anything about this situation? Why are there so many street gangs in the Nubian community, constantly killing each other in gang wars, yet the police claim to be ?helpless? in solving this problem? The answer to all of these questions can be put under the umbrella of one acronym: MKULTRA! If there are any doubters or skeptics to what we are revealing here, we humbly ask you; respected readers, to put this acronym: ?MKULTRA? into your search engine on your computer , and watch and see what you come up with! You will be telling us about the United States Government?s covert activities on the Nubian community. We prefer to use the word ?Nubian? to describe people of African descent in America because this describes a place of origin in Africa. At one time, the whole continent of Africa was called ?Nubia? ?Once the ancient kingdom of Kush, Nubia is the stretch of land next to the Nile from Aswan down to Khartoum in the south. Nubians are depicted in many tomb paintings and reliefs- usually as mercenaries or traders.
Nubians still have distinct traditions, architecture and languages, even though many migrated either to Aswan and Kom Ombo or south to Sudan after Lake Nasser swamped much of their traditional homeland.? Excerpts from ?NUBIA? To make a long story short, the United States government had archeologists compare the DNA from the Egyptian mummies to the DNA of African-Americans and they made an astonishing discovery, the DNA matched! Which means we are genetically linked to the Nubians and the Ancient Egyptians, as the original inhabitants of ancient Egypt were the Nubians from what is now the Sudan! Now, what does this have to do with MKULTRA? Once the leadership of America discovered that we came from a very advanced African civilization, they did everything in their power to disconnect us from our past and ancient African culture, thus was born, MKULTRA ? mind control techniques. To take a direct quote: “The Mystery Religions of ancient Egypt, Greece, India and Babylon helped lay the foundation for occultism, meaning “hidden knowledge.” One of the earliest writings giving reference to occultism is the Egyptian Book of the Dead, a compilation of rituals explicitly describing methods of torture and intimidation (to create trauma), the use of potions (drugs) and the casting of spells (hypnotism), ultimately resulting in the total enslavement of the initiate. [1] These have been the main ingredients for a part of occultism known as Satanism, throughout the ages.”

Once the leadership of America (Political, Legal, Academic, Spiritual, Economic) found out who we really are as Nubians, they used every means and technique to keep us suppressed and in a servitude slave state. The ?Willy Lynch? Syndrome was only used to perpetuate the slave mentality into the 21st century: Nubians engaged in self-hate, which brought about disunity. The light-skinned one given favors and positions over the darker skinned Nubian, The saturation of the Nubian communities with alcohol, drugs, guns to kill each other, etc. With the advent of the laptop computer, cell phones, camcorders, video games, and electronic tablets, there was a need for the leadership of America to come up with a more sophisticated means to restrain or dominate the Nubian masses; thus, we have MKULTRA ? Mind Control! This was done using subversive psychological, social, medical, and illegal means to keep Nubians from developing a free mind to think along the ways of their Nubian ancestors. One such tactic; as seen on television is the ?Bait Car.? The local police stage events to put an ?abandoned? car in the Nubian community, where there are a lot of young Nubian men on the street: unemployed, poor, and have nothing to do. The young man sees this car with the door open, keys in the ignition, and no one around, so they think!

He gets in the car, checks to see if anyone is looking, drives the car away and the police electronically shut the ignition off, stopping the car and arresting the young Nubian man for car theft! Now the question should be asked: Why are the Police CREATING the environment for crime instead of solving crimes? The answer is simple; when the young Nubian male is arrested and convicted for car theft, he now becomes a FELON which brands him as a criminal for the rest of his life. This means that he can not get a decent job ; because of this FELONY, which means that he con not compete with the other Caucasoid ethnic groups on a even footing. This also takes him out of the job market and into the prison system, keeping a ready supply of inmates for the new prisons being built. This is just one tactic used to undermine future generations from establishing themselves on an economic level. The next section will go into the establishment of MKULTRA-Mind Control techniques into the Nubian community.


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