Limited Senses

Limited Senses​ When you condense the five human senses you actually come out with two, see and feel. Taste is a sense of feel – matter touches the taste buds. Smell is a sense of feel – particles touch nerves that react to smell. Hear is a sense of feel – sound waves touch the […]

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Seeking a Savior

Seeking a Savior ​ 94 Throughout the 400 year  enslavement of the Nuwaubians, in the  Western hemisphere and even  throughout Europe there was a hope, a  longing for a savior.  95 One who could answer the many  questions.  96 The first being, why are we rejected  and hated by all?  97 What have we done […]

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Supreme Black “Dark” Matter, Carbon

The Master’s SecretsPaa Khamem Naqat “The Black Dot” ​ Supreme Black “Dark” Matter, Carbon 47. In Natural Nature and Science, Naqat-aat “dots” are the smallest of all known particles of materials called matter, because in the Aaqal “mind” it becomes Matter, or in the mental it is the Material. 48. In the Tapal “world” of […]

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The Master’s SecretsPaa Khamem Naqat “The Black Dot” ​ DNA “HELIX” 1. Li Kuum, Ay Kharad-u Em Wu-Nuwaup “For you, my children of Wu-Nuwaup”. 2. You must know the inner workings of your physical being. 3. The microscopic Tapal “world”, so let us enter the environment of solitary, minuscule cells.  4. In you and of […]

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Alchemy of Spirit and Melanin 

Symbol –  Element –  Atomic Number –  Atomic Mass Spirit Elements Group 18 Noble Gases (Conscious Gases) Ar – Argon – 18 – 39.948 He – Helium – 2 – 4.002602 Kr – Krypton –  36 – 85.80 Ne – Neon – 10 – 20.1797 Rn – Radon – 86 – 222.0176 Xe – Xenon […]

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