The Barathary Gland 

The Barathary Gland ​ 127 The barathary gland resided inside the hippocampus area of the brain, 128 Which is a cavity of the cerebellum. 129 The cerebellum is located at the lower part of the brain and is attached to the brain stem. 130 The barathary gland has a connection with the appendix, and the […]

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Natural Nature of Life 

Natural Nature of Life  ​ 10. Leonardo DaVinci created master pieces because they were nearly life-like. The God or Deity in them is what created those great works. The Gods you are looking for are yourselves. Look at the sculpture of our ASHAT (ASET) statue, almost perfect! You are starting to erupt spiritual AND etheric […]

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Anunnaki Chess Tournament

Anunnaki Chess Tournament by Amitakh Stanford (republished from the Nara site) 14th June 2006 from XeeaTwelve Website *This is not my own but if you watched The SuperBowl lastnight its pretty much related to the game. Please read. The alien wars are now apparent to those who are familiar with my other postings. Things are now moving rapidly as […]

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