Cacas-u, Liars By Nature

Cacas-u, Liars By Nature 102. Just stop for a moment and reason, Hasud “concentrate” on this. 103. What would most of them have to do if they did not create the negatives? 104. What would those in the panel system of law do? 105. What would their soldiers do? Law enforcement, personnel? 106. What would […]

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Your Mental Link 

Your Mental Link  1. Li Kuum, Ay Mumrar Kharad-u Em Wu-Nuwaup, Paa Nuwaup-u “For you, my beloved children of Wu-Nuwaup, the Nuwaupians” . 2. As I Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn, transcribed for you Jahar-u Shalal Patartwy “Jewels of my Divine eyes” , so much of our renewed story, called Wu-Nuwaup, your way to Tanqazh “salvation” . […]

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Death and Ghost

Death and Ghost 40. Look at how now they are accepting that once a physical person dies, they still exist and are doing any and everything to make a link to Tayaf-aat “ghost” , specters, and spirits. 41. The link between the living and the Mawet “dead” will be made only to open the Bawab […]

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