Blood Types and The Deception of Integration

Blood Types

Blood Types and Extraterrestrial Connection \\nThe Original Jamaicans Were Called Xaymaca Which Means ?Isles Of Springs? And Due To Them Mixing With The East Indians, Spanish, British And The Reptilians; A Lot Of Them Now Have A Or B Blood And Not The Original O. By Them Being Mixed With These Particular Races Of People, Their Blood Have Developed Anti-Body Generators Or Antigens. The Original O Blood Does Not Have These Antigens And Is The Predominant Blood Of Muurs Or Black People And Native Americans. The Olmecs Have O Blood, The Original Tama Re( Khemetians) Or Nuwaupians Have O Blood And 80% Of The Native Americans Have O Blood.\\n\\nThe Reason That Most Of The Native Americans Of Today Have O Blood Is Because They Are Descendants Of The Olmecs, Who Are The First Black Native Americans. They Were Already Here In The Americas Millions Of Year Before The Continental Drift, According To The Records Of Our Ancestors And They Originally Came From Sirius, Not Africa. They Were All Over The Planet Earth And They Even Built Monuments On The Planet Mars As Well. They Also Had The Genetic Blue-Print And Chemical Charts For Designing Specific Races Of People.

The Blood And The Genes Determine Everything About A Person Or A People, So It Is Vitally Important For You To Do A Genealogical Check And Also Know Your Blood Type. The Western Europeans, Southern Chinese And Many Japanese Generally Have Type A Blood, Which Was The First Form Of Distorted Or Mutated Blood, By Way Of Mixing With Certain Animals Or Beings With A Different Chromosome Structure, Like The Teros Or Cone Heads. Elongated Skulls Came By Way Of The Teros, Of Which The Olmecs Mixed With To Create The Chinese. This Mixing Began In Atlantis And Became Widespread Throughout The World. It Can Be Found In Ancient Sumeria, Among The Watchers Of Kurdistan, The Egyptian Royal Families, Peruvians In Peru, All Parts Of Africa, Mexico, Asia And So On.\\n\\nMost People Believe That These Are Deformities And This Is Not Totally Incorrect, Because It Really Has More To Do With The Teros Chromosome Structure And Their Psychic Powers. The Teros Were Not Deformed Beings, But Rather Highly Advanced Beings With Cone Heads. So, Being Born With A Cone Head, Doesn’t Necessarily Make You Deformed. Atlan And Later Atlantis Was Composed Of Many Different Races And The Tero Cone Heads, Mixed With Certain Indigenous Cultures And Granted Them Certain Psychic Powers And Scientific Knowledge, Which Left Remarkable Impressions On The World, Because They Were Of The More Advance Races Of People. They Also Have Epicanthic Eyes Or What Is Known As Slanted Eyes Today. \\nAuthors Such As Zechariah Sitchin, Erich Von Daniken, George Hunt Williams And Others, Have Connected The Ancient Sumerians, Extraterrestrials And Other Advance Civilizations To The Olmecs, In Their Writings, Lectures And Teachings. Needless To Say, They Have A Valid Reason To, Because There Are Some Many Monuments And Statues, With Olmecs, Sumerians, Mayans And Others; Which Have On Space-Suits And Are Traveling In Spacecrafts On The Pyramid Walls. There Were Also Several Blood Experiments And Genetic Engineering Projects, Which Were Developed And Has Been Responsible For The Creation Of Specific Races In The Egyptian, Olmec And Sumerian Cultures.

In Particular, There Is One By An Author Name Louise Levathes, Entitled: When China Ruled The Seas, And The Author Maintains That The Shang Chinese Were Sailing To The Americas Around 1000BC. Now, The First Question Should Be: Why Was The Shang Dynasty Sailing To The Americas At That Time? And Who Do You Think That They Were In Contact With At That Time? Remember, There Are Radio-Carbon Dates For The Rise Of The Olmecs In The Americas, Which Is 1000 To 1200BC, That Coincidentally Coincides With The Shang Dynasty Fall In China. Why Would You Say That Is? There Are Also Records Indicating That There Was An Olmec Migration From Asia, Over The Land Bridge In Between 10,000-15,000 BC. \\nThe Eastern Europeans, Hindu East Indians, Northern Chinese, Koreans And A Small Portions Of Japanese Mainly Have Type B Blood. Also The Fake Jews Of Today Known As Ashkenazic And Sephardic Jews, Also Carry The Same B Blood, But Mainly The B Negative Type. Is This Because They Came To B- Negative? Because All They Have Been Is Negative Since They Have Stolen The Legacy Of The Real Black Ashkenazic Jews, Falasha Jews And Sephardic Jews Of Spain, Morocco, Nigeria And Ethiopia. The Hindu East Indians Of India Came To The Americas After The Chinese Missionary Hoshan In The 4 Century AD, And They Mixed With Some Of The Chinese Mexicans And Produced Even More Stocks Of The Inuit And Eskimos, Which Now Reside In Canada And Alaska. In Fact, The Hindu East Indians Are The Ones Who Gave The People Called The Mayans, Their Name Mayan, Which Means Illusion. This Is Why People Are Still Under The Illusion That The Mayans Were The Inventers Of The 13 Moon Calendar. The Word Mayan Is A Sanskrit Word, Not A Native American Word And The Hindus Do Not Have O Blood, Neither Does The Animals That White People Say That Black People Evolved From.

The Oldest Blood Is O Blood, Which Is Universal Blood That Can Be Given To Any Blood Type, But It Only Accepts Other O Blood And None Of The Other Blood Types. This Means, That If A Woman Has O Blood And Is Impregnated By A Man With B Blood, Then The Blood Will Not Mix Or The Other Blood Will Be Conflicting With The O Blood And She Will Either Be Provided Pills, A Shot Or A Blood Transfusion Will Be Required, Otherwise The Child Would Die. Blood Types A And B Produce Antibodies That Reject Each Others Types Of Antigens, But AB Which Is Less Than A 1000 Years Old, Will Accept The A, B And O Type. In America More Than 5 Million People Are Getting O Blood Transfusion Into Their Bodies Each Year, In Particular Caucasians, Who Are Now Using Our Blood For Their Survival. They Call It ABO Blood Group Transfusion. \\nThe Ultraviolet Radiation Of The Sun Is Destroying The Cells In Their Body And The Dead Cells In Their Body Are Weakening Their Immune System, Which Results In Their Death By Melanoma Or Skin Cancer. People Continue To Come Up With All Sorts Of Excuse And Trick-nology To Hide The Truth About Our Legacy, Heritage And Royal Bloodline. This Is Why Eye Provide So Many Indisputable Facts, Because Eye Don’t Want To Hear Any Of Their Mess Or BS.\\n\\nRemember, The Queen Of England Has B Blood Of The Brit Blue Bloodline And She Is Claiming To Be Of The Royal Bloodline Of Moses, Abraham And Thutmose Of Ancient Khemet Or Tama Re. Not To Mention: That They Are Not Really Of The Brit Blood Anyway, But Their Booty Are Of German Reptilian Blood, By Way Of Saxe-Coburg And Gotha And No One Question’s This At All, But When We Provide Photos, Genetic Blue- Prints, Historical Records And Scientific Facts, We Are Still Not Who We Are. Why Is This? When We Have The Ahocahamelaneen, We Have The Dominant Genes And The Oldest Blood. Yet, We Are Still Not Who We Are? These Are The Combinations Of Which Make A Race Of People Dominant And No Scientist, Doctor, Anthropologist Or Historian Can Refute This. It All Begins By Way Of The Genealogy, Blood Type And The Genetic Blue.

Different Blood Types\\n\\nNotice That The O Blood Has No Antigens Surrounding The Blood And All The Other Blood Types Have Different Anti-Generator Dots Surrounding Them. These Are The Conflicting Factors In All Other Blood Types, Inclusive Of RH Blood As Well. Nubian People Who Have Any Of These Other Blood Types, Have Developed This From Various Mixing In Their Family Or Malaria, Which Was Responsible For Sickle Cell Anemia And The Blood Developing These Natural Defense Mechanisms. Intelligent Bacteria Causes The Blood To Sickle In Attempt To Defend It Self. Sickle Cell Was A Progressive Evolution Of The Blood, Which Protected What Is Known As African People From Being Wiped-out By Malaria.\\n\\nDifferent Migrations From Various Environments And Regions Are Also Responsible For Some Blood Diseases And Infections In The Blood Of Nubians. Most People Don’t Know About The Many Migration Of Black People Around The World, Some Of Our People Migrations Have Not Been Recorded In History Books, But Only In Our-Story Prior To His- Story. Most Of Our-Story Has Not Been Told And The Europeans Are Only Guessing With All The Wrong Dates About Us And Our-Story/Our-Fact/Our-Truth. Some Of Our Migration Story Is Recorded On The Stela 5 Of Izapa And It Clearly Confirms That We Made 12 Migration To Utla, Amexum And Ulman. This Is Where The Bible Tree Of Life Story Comes From In Revelation 22:2 And The Mormons Also Believe That This Is Confirmation Of The Validity And Authenticity Of The Book Of Mormons. The Mormons Also Believe That They Are Descendants Of The Olmecs. The Twelve Manner Of Fruits In Revelations Is About Our Migrations, The 12 Tribes With The Tri-Leaf Symbol Of Royalty And Healing The Nations By Planting The Seed Of Life.

Revelation 22:2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.\\n\\nStela 5 Of Izapa Tree Of Life Tablet “To-Naca-Qua-Hui-Ti”\\n\\nThe Movie Called “The Fountain”, Makes An Attempt To Cover This, But Only From The Mayan Perspective.\\n\\nWe Migrated From Mesopotamia To Asia, From Asia To Africa, From Africa To South America, From South America To North America And Canada. We Also Migrated To The Caribbean From South America And Became Known As Ciboney. This Is Only Another Group Of Olmec People Who They Have No Knowledge Of. In Many Ancient Nuwbun Tablets And The Popol Vuh, They Have An Olmec Emperor By The Name Of Meci, Who Was Said To Arrive In Mexico Circa 3113 BC, With 8-12 Ships From Ganawa, So This Is Further Confirmation That Their Dates Are Wrong About Our Migrations In The Americas, Since It Has Already Been Proven That We Were Here Prior To Their Dates. \\nAnother Group Of The Olmecs Migrated To The Americas, North, South And Central. They Were Called Washo Or Racoon People In North America And Settled Into The Areas Of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina And Georgia; Under The Names Washitaw And Yemassee. We Were Called Olmecs By Our Children The Aztecs In Central America And Were Called XI(Shi) By Our Children The Chou People In China. However, We Called Our Selves Nuwbuns And We Educated All Other Races On The Planet. We Are The Original Nuwbun Nasu Black Seed, Not Light Skin, High Yellow, Off White Or Pink. We Also Overstand That ?No One Wins The Race In Racism?, As The Master Teacher Has Always Reminded Us Of; With That Being Said, We Must Still Honor The Legacy Of Our Ancestors With Great Honor And Not Pretend As If We Are Still Not The Dominant Race On This Planet.

The Deception of Integration 

361 The ruler had arrived at the height 

of spiritual overstanding following his 

humbling experience and he left this 

record for all to read. 

362 Now, I Nebuchadnezzar praise and 

extol and honor ANU, the ruler of 

heaven, all whose works are truth. 

363 His ways are judgment; and those 

that walk in pride.” 364 Using the very scriptures that have 

been sent down to you, and brought and 

delivered to you, 

365 We have warned you of his 

physical manifestation on the Earth. 

366 We have told you of his falling 

from grace, so, be ever so watchful of 


367 He takes many forms. But you 

were created, and fashioned in our 


368 I want to leave you on this subject, 

and with this thought for one of the self 

proclaimed apostles Buwlus, who is 

called Paul, whose real name is Saul, he 

mentioned that there’s different orders 

of things. 

369 Let all things be done decently and 

in order. 

370 Then the first scripture says all 

flesh is not the same: 

371 This is clear proof that there are 

distinctions between them and us. 

372 The master deception he uses to 

encourage racial integration is found in 

the book of Acts the 17th degree the 

26th verse, where the self proclaimed 

apostle Buwlus proclaims: 

And hath made of one blood all nations 

of men for to dwell on all the face of the 

earth, and hath determined the times 

before appointed, and the bounds of their 


373 And have made of one blood all 

nations of men to dwell on all the face 

of the Earth, 

374 They have determined the times 

before appointed, and the bounds of 

their habitation. 

375 Without explaining before man 

and women of all races, Negroid, 

Mongoloid, Caucasoid, they all come 

from one blood, the blood of the 

Nubun, or Negroid, why are there so 

many diverse types of blood, mixing, 

which created the others?

376 Although Kadmon, or Adam is the 

father of Adamites, we must 

acknowledge that there are various 

blood types and similarly, various blood 

diseases. Blood is the essential red fluid 

that is pumped by the heart through the 

circulatory system of humans and all 

higher animals. It is complex in its 

composition and in its functions. Blood 

has two main constituents. The cells, or 

corpuscles, comprise about 45 percent, 

and the liquid portion, or Plasma, in 

which the cells are suspended comprises 

55 percent. The blood cells comprise 

three main types: red blood cells, or 

erythrocytes; white blood cells, or 

leukocytes, which in turn are of many 

different types; and platelets, or 

thrombocytes. Each type of cell has its 

own individual functions in the body. 

The plasma is a complex colorless 

solution, about 90 percent Water, that 

carries different ions and molecules 

including Proteins, Enzymes, 

Hormones, nutrients, waste materials 

such as Urea, and fibrinogen, the 

protein that aids in clotting.

377 For diseased blood, originally 

mutated into a distinct blood type. Such 

as the Rh blood. The Rh factor is an 

Antigen whose name is derived from the 

rhesus monkey, on whose red Blood 

cells it was first discovered. Later found

in humans, the Rh factor, along with 

other blood antigens, must be taken into account in blood transfusions. Blood from an Rh-positive donor will cause an Rh-negative recipient to produce 

antibodies against the Rh factor. The 

antibodies will cause a hemolytic 

transfusion reaction if the recipient 

again receives Rh-positive blood. The 

hemolytic reaction destroys the donated cells.

378 So the Qur’aan says: from one 

parent did all people come. From a 

single clot of blood. 

379 Surely we gave to our servant, 

Ahmad, El Garun, The Qur’aan saying: 

380 “Oh you the people, surely we 

created you all from a male, Kadmon, 

and a female, Nekaybaw, and we made 

you all tribes, a large family.” 381 It is mentioned that our servant 

Kadmon did not pass on to a higher life, 

382 Until he had seen 400 of his 

children and his descendants. 

383 The number of his own progeny 

amounted to 23 males, and 22 females. 

384 And it is known that our servant 

Seth was the first born of a single, 

meaning he was not a twin. 

385 A nation for you to know. From 

our servant Utnafishtim, Noah, to our 

servant Abraham. Both of them were 

perfect in their generation.