The Plane Of Force And The Next Stage

The Plane Of Force And The Next Stage

74 The Plane Of Force is a plane about
which the human mind cannot conceive

the knowledge concerning it,

75 For he, El Eloh, is the All Knowing,

and the All Wise,

76 The Supreme Being.

77 He is El Eloh, and you should have

no other El Eloh with him.

78 Say in your heart: I have faith by

way of ANU, as he is;

79 By using all of his names and

acknowledging all of his special


80 By accepting them in your heart and

reciting it with your tongue,

81 Thus declaring: I would be faithful

to ANU and all of the messengers or


82 And all of the scriptures, and of all

of those Rasulaat sent forth by ANU,

who is ANU.

83 For guidance, and in a final day,

when all actions will be judged,

84 According to whether they be

agreeable or disagreeable.

85 All of this comes from ANU,

A’LYUN A’LYUN EL right up until


86 There are 2 lives. Life on Earth and
life after physical death.

87 Death is the door which takes you

from one stage in life to the next stage of

higher life.

88 If the person was a highly spiritual


89 Their soul will pass I at once

through to the planes.

90 Or even bypass the planes and go

into the heavens or other galaxies,

91 From where their soul and ether

being originated,

92 With the help of the elder

Anunnagi, the Igigi,

93 The heavenly host or 24 elders who

sit around the throne called Shuyukh.

94 You should not weep at natural death, 95 But rejoice and welcome the presence of the Aluhum. 96 The Anunnagi bless you with old age, which allows the physical body to rest from the harmful activities that we indulge in every day. 97 Old age prepares humans for their inevitable judgment. ::’ f:: ^9HHHRHBHHS9HHBBRMffii :: : 98 So escape not from the possibility of becoming elderly. 99 For it is a honored gift that everyone receives. 100 You may weep for murdered victims or accidents or illness, 101 And life cut off before old age. 102 You can weep for the pain they felt, but not for the transferred from this world to the next. 103 You cannot take from the All, and you cannot add to The All, 104 The All merely shares and you become.