OM And It’s Connection With Life

OM And It’s Connection With Life

OM is nature and beyond, and the process of fertilization is aided by the wind, called the breath, the soul, and that has essence, substance, emotions, and existence to it.

Question: Would OM include physical living things as well?

145. Absolutely. All life is perpetuated by change. The only definite thing in all existence is change, and the only absolute is existence, and change happens within existence, each living thing detectable and undetectable is part of this great plan. 

147. Yes, even the smallest of insects, and even larger insects, and even larger insects, such as bees and butterflies, are all part of this vast chain of life, in which we are all linked, and all things are linked.

Question: So insects play a great part?

148. Yes, and are overlooked, understudied and never appreciated for their contributions to the great plan. You see you have insects that live on and in your body all your life.

149. You are like an insect to the planet Earth, and as destructive as you may see a mosquito, a cockroach or a flea, as you have grown to be the destructive pest of nature, cutting down trees, poisoning the water, depleting the ozone, creating global warming, green house effect, splitting atoms, and creating viruses.

Question: Is this progress or regress?

150. It is planned to lead to your eventual demise, if you do not learn to cooperate with OM or nature, by realigning yourself with the universal forces that control all growth and decline, that inscribed the plan of metamorphosis, evolution, mutation, growth and the art of making and even creating.

151. Yet, like most parasites the next move is to turn on each other, as lupus turns on each other, as lupus turns on the human body, leprosy turns on the the nervous system (this is what cause Caucasians to be pale and why they are soulless), cancer on the cells, and humans on animals, and humans and animals on each other.

152. All of this was patterned in your original creation. This was the third creative stage.