Extraterrestrial Ancestors

Extraterrestrial Ancestors

2. Q.: What are Africans?

A.: Any and all persons world over of Nagar-u “Negroids” ancestry originally from that part of Paa Kawak Tahah “The Planet Earth” called today Afaf Rayay Ka? “Africa”. 3. Q.: What is a Negroid?

A.: Any and all persons, world over with dark skin and kinky, wooly, nappy hair.
4. Q.: What is or who are Black people?

A.: Any and all persons with brown to black skin hue, yet not necessarily Negroid or African.

5. Q.: What are Europeans?

A.: Any and all persons, the world over of Cacas “Caucasoid” ancestry originally from the part of the Kawak Tahah “The Planet Earth” Planet Earth called Yarap-aat “Europe” today.
6. Q.: What is a Caucasoid?

A.: Any and all persons world over with transparent skin and thin, flank, straight hair, which is actually Farar “Fur” from the old French fuerre which means “sheath, to enclose, covering like most animals”. Muccas-u “Caucasoids” have Farar “Fur”, not Wabar “Hair”. 7. Q.: What or who are white people?​

A.: Any and all persons with a transparent to Aadam “Pink, Ruddy” skin hue; yet, not necessarily Cacas-u “Caucasoids”. You will find they use the word fair, red, ruddy, white, blush for many persons today.

8. Q.: How old are Negroids?

A.: Nagar-u “Negroids” have no birthdate record, being older than Paa Rayay “The Sun”, Aahah “Moon” even Mayay “Water”, as well as older than atoms.
9. Q.: How old are Africans?

A.: That is just a name given to the Nagar-u “Negroids” by outsiders. The Arabs created it from Arabic as Farraq. The root letters are F R Q Faraqa “to separate”; Faraaq “separation”; Faariq “distinctive”. So they gave us that name, for their plans were to separate us, as you see today. And they took over much of the north as theirs, with their religions to separate us. Yet, we will always be what we are, the original persons on this Kawak “Planet”. The first, and will be the last. We are the first world people.

10. Q.: How old are the Caucasoids?
A.: Cacas-u “Caucasoids” as a Salal “Race”, are no older than 6,000 years.
11. Q.: How did they, as a race, come into existence?

A.: The curse of the disease of leprosy.

12. Q.: So, Caucasoids are in fact diseased Negroids?

A.: Better yet Sis, look at Caucus and Carcass or from French Carcasse “dead body or deteriorated flesh”. Then add Asian and you get Caucasian, a deteriorating Indian why they call themselves Aryans from Sanskrit for the Dravidians, meaning “noble”; The Dravad-u “Dravidians” are a race of Southeast Indians. So they are called Asiatic Blacks. That is dark-skinned, curly furred Indians. So yes! That is Actual Fact, the Muccas-u “Caucasoids” are diseased Nagar-u “Negroids”, being the Dravad-u “Dravidians” come from us.

13. Q.: Can their disease be cured?

A.: Any and all physical diseases can be cured.
14. Q.: How does one cure them?

A.: Sorry, yet it’s up to them to cure themselves and only they can heal their actions of Dawaw “Evil” to all others.
15. Q.: And how did they become so wicked and evil?

A.: Many thousands of years before the year 4004 B.C.E. which was 6,000 years from the year 2000 A.D. there were many visitors. Muzyud Muthahtal-aat Extraterrestrials from Kamah-aat “Pleiades” star system seen as the Pleiades seven star cluster. They have been visiting this Kawak “Planet”, and their appearance is tall in height, up to 9 feet, with transparent skin hue, being that on their planets, many live under the surface or beneath its waters away from their star or sun’s rays. They are pale with stringy fur, and their eyes are colorless and they are able to shape shift and transform into a ghost state. They are the Elohim or Gods, God of the Torah, Gospel, and Qur’aan. They are also seen as spirits, angels, and ghost.

16. Q.: Are they good beings?
A.: They are good to their offspring who worship and serve them. Good to whom they are using for offerings of flesh and blood and souls or your essence, your divine Nektar “Nectar” that is in the fluids of Nagar-u “Negroids” and some that mixed with them.

17. Q.: So they are evil?

A.: Jawed “Wicked” or Dawew “Evil” to all others. So they created religion as laws or Lawi-Tanan “Leviathan” rules and regulations.

18. Q.: How do these Elohim relate to the Caucasoid race?

A.: They bred with them; crossbred with animals too, such as canines “dogs”, simians “monkeys” and hogs “porcines” to breed hybrids for the body parts for workers or Homo-Simians, ape man, Homo-Canines, Lycans, hunters, Homo-Porcines and they made the pig from a canine, a feline and a rodent, to clean up the dead flesh, filth of the caves in the Caucasus Mountains. So they cross bred these hybrids.

19. Q.: Are you saying that these Extraterrestrials are in fact the deities of the Torah, Gospel (Ghost Spell) and Qur’aan?

A.: Yes! That is the Actual Fact! El of Elohim or Thehos of Theoi or Aalihat or Rabb of Rabiyyuwn, Jah or Yahwehim, Malak of Malakim, ‘Anaq of ‘Anaqim, Anu of Anu.n.na.qi, God of Gods in their religions are these and other extraterrestrial visitors who have been coming or their sons come as demi-gods or angels, Christ, world over in all religions. That’s a fact.

20. Q.: Were those extraterrestrials good or evil world over?

A.: They are and can be both.

21. Q.: I noticed you said are, and not were. Are they still visiting earth? A.: Yes! That is an Actual Fact; today called U.F.O. and U.S.O. flying and submerging in waters to this very day and will increase from 2000 A.D. up until 2009 A.D. when your own will come for you. Yet, up to 2013 A.D. for them. Their rapture is really a sad day for them, yet they don’t know that fact. Millions of them go missing each year. They can never see them. Don’t know where they have been taken.

The overlords of them use T.V. to say it’s always sexual predators who took them when it’s not, its food for their gods and the highest government officials have made deals with them in exchange for technology. It was Hitler’s officers who put America in contact with E.T.s from the Andramad-aat “Andromeda Star System” and Aldebaran who offered them Drago’s reptilians.

So much Sis, sad yet true. 22. Q.: What about the Negroid race did we have our own extraterrestrial visitors? A.: Yes, called Nadjar-u mis-spelled Neteru. So it is Paa Nadjar Afaf Nadjar-u who come from Saah-aat “Orion” and Sabat-aat “Sirius” Star systems. These they bred from their own DNA mixing Paa Mundjar-u or Mundjar-u. 23. Q.: And were they good or evil? A.: They are, and can be, both.

​Negroids Extraterrestrial Ancestors and Demi-gods Such As Tut Ankh Amun​​

24. Q.: I again noticed you said they are and not were. Are they still visiting us?
A.: Yes! That is an Actual Fact today. In fact every ten years they checked on you, or sent Greys to check. And it’s now 2003 A.D. in fact, your born day, 06/05/2003 and you spent it visiting me. Well let me say, on the 26th of this month, my 3 little friends will incarnate to me. Crlll, Alomaar, and Saaatt, Greys who have been with me since childhood in Teaneck, N.J. when they first came and took me. I think you remember how when I would come over to visit you all, my nose would bleed so much? (Sister interrupts: ” Yes I do remember, so much blood. You used to try and tell us they put something up your nose. You even said the real tall one was called Henary. We did not believe you then, but now I know you are only physically my little brother Duke, as Mama called you, I do remember”) Well they are still with me. And your brother is right here inside this body with me if needed. Don’t worry, yet I am Paa Nabab: Yaanuwm and can tell you the first lift was to be this very year. You know they came; the whole city blacked out when they moved me to New York. The second lift will be 9/09/2009 A.D. I do hope you all are ready that day. The third lift. (Sister interrupts, “How many lifts will there be and how many will be allowed to go?) Well some things I can’t tell you while the devils are listening to phone calls, reading my mail and taping my visits. You will know in time.

25. Q.: Then if I may ask, why don’t they reveal themselves to us physically?

A.: The fact is, they do incarnate to you yet you have and still reject their help.

26. Q.: Can you please point out other than yourself one in our past I will recognize?

A.: Yes, in fact the Noble Lady called:

T�/ Tiy (Tiye)

The mother of Nafar?Khafar?RE Wah?En?RE who became known as Akh?En?Atun and Amun?Hutip?Paa?Raban?Amenhotep the 4th was a demi-god, half human by his father and half extraterrestrial by his mother. And he took a wife, a humanoid named Kiya to birth a 1/3 extraterrestrial who was called Djahutwy?Aankh?Amun originally named Nabab?Khafar?RE called Tutankhamun or King Tut. He was born to be the Karast or Christ, reincarnation of Harar son of �ashtat by: Amun-RE. The real son of God, son of a Human being (Man). By his father equals a son of deity.

By his mother equals son of man, or mortal being.

He is a demi-deity, his father got the blood from the Habar-u “Hebrews” and their deity Adonai who in Khamam “Egipt” was Atun-RE, Aten. A race of extraterrestrials who the Habar-u (Hebrews) and Shasas-u (Israelites) worshipped and mixed blood with. So the blood was passed on to Akh-En-Atun, from his mother Ta’/ Tiy’ who was the daughter of Yuya, Joseph, son of Jacob in the Bible and his wife Egiptian Tuya in Bible as Asenath (Genesis 41:41-52). So the blood was mixed in Khamam “Egipt” and Asenath son was called Ay II in Egypt that was Ephraim brother of Manasseh. And Ay’s name was Khafar-Khafar-u-RE. This Ay, Ay II and was the father of Nafartat-twy-twy known as Nafertiti also called Nafartat Nafartat-u Atun. She was one-half extraterrestrial so the Golden Child or Christ could not come from her and be a true demi-deity as Akh En Atun was. So you see, yes, there are many on record. You will see he was a he-she or better a Mukhnash “Hemaphrodite”. They were to open the Dawam “Vortex” or “Gateway” from the new site called Tell el Amarna or Akhat?Atun which means “Horizon of Atun”. Before Akh En Atun could complete the gateway and put the Golden Child, Tut Aankh Amun “Living image of Amun or Hidden, unseen one” and four hermaphrodites in place, he was killed.

27. Q.: Why have we Africans not been taught these facts about self and kind?

A.: You chose to reject any facts about self and kind for the beliefs of other races who will not and cannot teach anything other than lies. It’s their very nature from their God. The liar of all liars. Killer of all Killers.
John 8:44

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lists of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” – King James Version

Dawaw “Evil”, Jawed “Wicked” by nature, Nannar, also called Sin. You all fins him in the Bible, Genesis 4:7 as Hebrew Strong’s n2903 Khattah. Zu?en, Suen, Sion, Zion met on Mount Sinai. He was a YHWH known as El Shaddai (Exodus 6:3) of the Anu.n.na.qi, Cherub of Cherubim (Genesis 3:22-24, their Yahweh Jah, Allah, Rabb rides on wings of the Cherub, Psalm 18:6-11, Psalm 99:1-2, Psalm 104:3-26), son of Enlil and Ninlil.
En?Lil (Nu-im-Nir) ——— Nin?Lil (Sud) � Nannar
Suen, Zuen, Sin, Nanna, Khattah
Born on Earth (Ezekiel 28:14)
The Anointed Cherub
Son of God
Ba�l “Enlil” (Numbers 22:41)
Son of The Most High God
Elyon Elyon El “Anu” (Genesis 14:17-22)

28. Q.: If I may ask, are you saying different extraterrestrials came to each race of people?
A.: Yes! That is the Actual Fact. It has to do with tone, vibrations on the same frequency and modulation.

29. Q: So to each people, their own?

A.: Yes! That is how it works. Like this:
To the Mongoloids or Asians

Came: Wan?de from the sky
To the Caucasoids or Europeans

Came: Odin
To the Negroids or Africans

Came: Ptah
And many sub-races by much seed mixing of these three visitors over many thousands of years of earth records, each has left signs they were here.
30. Q.: So are you in fact saying Negroids are the Ancient Egiptians?

A.: Yes! That is an Actual Fact and it is encoded in your 24,000 DNA strands genomes of your genes, chromosomes. We implanted it as the demi-deity called Horus, Heru, which is Harar.

So it’s included and is called by you or will be:

HAR 1 unique to humanoids

Now through mixing, Caucasoids have it now in their code too. This gene is located on the 20th Chromosome. It’s Har-1 because Har or Horus was in fact, the first:
Female Line
Ratat-tat � (Tefnut) Tafaf-Natat= Extraterrestrial� (Nut) Nuttat= Extraterrestrial� (Isis) �ashtat= Extraterrestrial� (Horus) Har= Demi-Deity
Let it be known by all that when I sit before my brother to ask him many things I don’t sit as his sister, I sit as a student of our Master Teacher.

Excerpt from Master Teacher Paa Nabab Yanuwn scroll titled “My Brother The Extraterrestrial