Ghost-Spell of Leviathan, Ancient Egipt Alchemist/Priest,  Doctors, Gender of God, And the Spirit

Ghost-Spell of Leviathan, Ancient Egipt Alchemist/Priest,  Doctors, Gender of God, And the Spirit

Question: How were we fooled in the past?
23. In the Old World Religion of The Moon God Sin, given to you by six ether forces, negative spirit forces of sympathy, pity, apathy, jealousy, dis-contentment, the Laws of Self Defeat and Inferiority Complexes. 

24. You see before 1999, you worshiped spooks, spirits, and ghost.

25. In turn for your soul they promise you grace, which in the Hebrew Old Testament (Genesis 6:8) it’s Khane “Favor”, not forgiveness for your sins.

26. Yet in the New Testament John 1:17 it has the word Kharece “Joy”. That’s fund, not forgiveness for your sins.
Question: What are your promises?
27. Favor and joy two things the wealthy people get right here on Earth, not forgiveness, which in Hebrew in the book of Psalm 103:4, the word is Seleekhaw “Forgive” or in the New Testament the Book Of Colossians 1:14, the word in Greek is Aphesis “Remission, Forgiveness”.
Question: Isn’t grace salvation?
28. No. Your grace is not your salvation (Genesis 44:18) which in the Torah or Old Testament is Yeshooaw in Hebrew and in the New Testament Greek Sotayreeah “Salvation” (Luke 1:77).

29. So black people you are being fooled.

30. The devil has you worshipping ghost, Hebrew Gawvah (Genesis 25:8), and Greek Pnyoomah “Ghost, Spirit” (Matthew 3:16).

31. Read their Bible or Qur’an and see they have you under a Spell, Ghost-Spell (Gospel) (Matthew 4:23).

32. You must look up the words, not just their translations. That’s the Devil’s trick. The graces are the daughters of Zeus 1. Aglaia, 2. Thalia (Muse).
Question: What salvation does Ancient Egipt offer?
33. In Ancient Egipt and now we call on those that could really help us with our problems and health conditions right now when we need them.
Question: What is the difference?
34. The Doctors of today were the Alchemist and Priest to us Egiptians.

35. Even today you give the title of Doctor to a Ph.D., (Philosophy Doctor), who is not a Md, (Medical Doctor) but both are called Dr. or Ph.D. Even D.D, Doctor of Divinity, said as Doctor.

36. In Egipt we ask for help from the being or person that could help us right then and there.

37. However, you call on Allah, Jesus, Christ, Yhwh, Ja, Dios, God, Lord, and no one helps you. You still suffer and die.

38. Your Hospitals are full of you, sick and dying with no help.

39. You should be worshiping the Nurse and or Doctor who actually saves your relative’s life, not some un-proven spook, called a Super Natural, Super-Natural. But you don’t, you just say “thanks Doctor.”
Question: How can a spirit be Super Natural?
40. It can’t. The word Super is from Latin Supra “On Top Of” and Natural is from Latin, which is Roman Naturalis, from Natura, meaning “Nature, Born”.

41. So your God or Deity, Allah, is Super Nature. Well, that’s just what Nuwaupu teaches The All in All. That’s the way you see it, or should I say don’t see it.
Question: Who takes the credit for healing.
42. Once a person is healed by the Doctor or Nurse, you run right to your church, synagogue, mosque, or place of worship and give thanks to a spiritual spook God, Allah, Yhwh, Etc. Some unseen, unproven, spook man, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, because it’s always a “He”. “Allah or Our Father Who Are In Heaven”.

43. So this spirit has a gender, male, and all men come from females. That is a fact.

44. To call God a “He” or a “Father” is to give him genitalia, as the Freemason or Masonic “G” and their term two ball cane, making God a “He”.
Question: What of Female’s genitalia?
45. Being females do exist and have chromosomes and genes, or what they call the X-Chromosome and the Y of the Male is maimed X, then in actuality the rib came from the woman, not the male. The very word man is from Sanskrit Manu “Thinker”. Sanskrit is the language of the East Indians.
Question: So can God be a He and not a She, yet omnipresent?
46. No. To say he is not a She, you are saying He is not omnipresent as a male only that is, if he is not a female or a male and a female, that is what is called a He-She, the real meaning of the word Bi-Sexual, a HERmaphrodite, not even a HEmaphrdite. 
Question: Can a spirit be a male of female? 
47. Yes because the word spirit as Nafs also relates to the person and personality. In the New Testament you will see Pneuma in Matthew 1:18 meaning “Breath, Wind, or Spirit”. The root of this word is found in Pneumonia, which originated from the alteration in the word Pleumonia, from Pleumon which means “Lung”. You need your lungs to breathe. And without that Breath of Life, you would die, and become Ghost, or 6-Ether which is 9-Ether in death.
Question: What gender God do the Monotheistic religions worship?
48. They have a male God, Ghost, Spirit, that they can not even confirm exist or existed. The word Ghost can be found in Genesis 5:8 in the Bible as Gana or Gawnah is where their God came from as in the “Ghost God”. Pa Tam’a-Hu “White” race worship and have so many of you worshipping also. The word Ghost comes from Middle English Gost, from Old English Gost, Breath, Spirit. They worship this Divine Force because they cannot and do not have it. You as 9-Ether people have this Divine Breathe, the Breath of Life, the Soul and Spirit, 2 Yods. They only have a spirit, 1 Yod. In the Hebrew as found in Genesis 2:7, the word for Living Soul or Divine Breath is Neshawmaw. When Adam was originally born as a Nefesh Khay “Living Soul” with one Yod, he was given the Neshawmaw Khayyeem “Breath of Life” with Yods which was blown in his nostrils, making him a living soul.