Negroids, 9 Ether GOD-Beings, Don’t Eat Meat; Life After Death

Negroids, 9 Ether GOD-Beings, Don’t Eat Meat; Life After Death

6. Now here’s a point: Why would a God eat an animal he created? It really doesn’t make sense. God was pleased with meat for the sacrifice after the flood. This is not making sense in the spiritual world so they must not be spiritual beings. So God in Genesis chapter 2 was an Extraterrestrial. 

7. What you eat can cut off your soul. There is a war going on inside. The more flesh you eat, the more adrenaline in your DNA. That is why you have children who just can’t sit down and have ADHD. You can damage your spiritual body and become sick by damaging your etheric body. 

8. If you are a 9Ether being, you are able to go to the end of the octave and start again after passing on. The more melanin, the faster the vibration. The spirit is charged by what you put in the blood. Your soul is charged by what is put in your spirit. Suicidal people are trapped spirits.

9. H1 (Hydrogen) which means there is water to H2 (Helium) is after the light and is the start of the existence of things and not with chaos. Before the light, there was balancement, peace. When you die, they say “got to the light” to be reborn again going from finite to infinite. When you have completed your assignment then you will remain in darkness, ALL things in ALL. The vacuum is ALL. ALL the planets are the planets. There is no “The” Universe no “The” Multiverse, no “The” Omniverse. They are not finite. 

10. Anyone who has passed from a premature death will come back. If a child is 6-months in the womb of its mother on the one side of the city, and a person dies prematurely on another side, they can go into that child. The child becomes it host. If they do NOT come back or are NOT reborn, they will become what you call a “residual” and MUST burn out. Or the energy from that tragic death must burn out the way an exposure or a negative fades out with time. Sometimes a child host will have this spirit accompany them until they are 9. ANd if the child acknowledges or is aware they will become a protecting spirit of the child. Sometimes during early life, you can ask the child where they are from and the child will be able to answer.