Solar (Sun) Cycle Astrology

Solar (Sun) Cycle Astrology 

This is taken from the periodic table in a circular arrangement which was found hidden on the ceilings of Denderah at the temple of Hathor.
These are the  signs for the Solar biology (Sun Cycle) for the children of the Sun. Those Melanin-ite beings – Not (Luna Astrology) Moon Cycle. These are your true signs.
Tehuti- “wisdom” June 21 to July 20

Haru- “On High” July 21 August 20

Ptah- “Opener”  August 21 to September 20

Sakhmet- “Power” September 21 to October 20

Pa Ruwty- “Shape shifter” October 21 to November 20

Shu- “Breath” November 21 to December 20th 

Aset- “Throne” December 21 to January 20

Hathor- “House of Light” January 21 to February 20

Amun- “Hidden” February 21 to March 21

Asaru- “Seer” March 22 to April 20th 

Mut- “Mother” April 21 to May 20th 

Anubu- “Master of Heaven and Hell” May 21 to June 20th