The Barathary Gland 

The Barathary Gland

127 The barathary gland resided inside

the hippocampus area of the brain,

128 Which is a cavity of the


129 The cerebellum is located at the

lower part of the brain and is attached to

the brain stem.

130 The barathary gland has a

connection with the appendix, and the


131 The hippocampus is the tissue

which held the barathary gland.

132 When it was once inside Kadmon (Zakar, Adam’s) the grandfather of Enos


133 Although conscious perception

does not occur in the cerebellum this is

the part of the brain that is responsible

for hallucinations.

134 Also cerebella reaction are


135 Meaning you are unaware that it


136 And that’s why even though the

barathary gland is missing,

137 Portions of the gland were left on

the nerves endings;

138 Because total removal would have

damaged the nerve.

139 From the cerebellum.

140 You had seven senses, see, feel,

hear, taste, smell, clairvoyance,


141 Humans do not have the 4 higher


142 Mind perception (intuition), 143 Mental communication (telepathy), 144 Object reading (psychometry), 145 And clair sight – to see in other dimensions (clairvoyance).

146 But with the removal of your barathary gland you lost access to the Aluhum, then you became Enosites.

147 An Enosite, a “human being” is a forgetful being, 148 Which is what happened when the barathary gland was removed. 149 When you get back your power, we will have to show you how to use it.
150 But we have to control it.

151 You have to prove your sincerity, before it is returned to you, otherwise you may misuse it. 152 The barathary gland will be reinserted into those persons worthy of returning home when the Aluhum comes for them. 153 August 12, 2003 to June 26, 2030 A.D. and watch for May 5, 2,000 A.D. for the alignment. 154 When this gland is reinserted, it will not be in the hippocampus part of the brain this time, 155 But in the lower chin referred to as the submental area meaning the “sub” or “lower”, and mental that which reacts with the mind. 156 Remember, Enosite! El Eloh is himself. 157 If he wills, he can destroy this entire galaxy in a moment, 158 And if he wills, he can recreate it in an instant. 159 Nothing is too difficult for him. 160 For this has already happened. 161 An individual should observe and stand awed by the many wonders that El Eloh has fashioned; 162 And because the Aluhum was procreated, 163 He or she has to acknowledge their (Eloheems) greatness, 164 An Enosite has to submit to the supremacy of the ones who pro-created them.