The Breath of Life Known as the Spirit & How To Perform CPR On Someone 

The Breath of Life Known as the Spirit & How To Perform CPR On Someone 

The spirit is charged by what you put in the blood. Your soul is charged by what is put in your spirit. Suicidal people are trapped spirits. You as 9-Ether people have this Divine Breathe, the Breath of Life, the Soul and Spirit, 2 Yods. They only have a spirit, 1 Yod. In the Hebrew as found in Genesis 2:7, the word for Living Soul or Divine Breath is Neshawmaw. When Adam was originally born as a Nefesh Khay “Living Soul” with one Yod, he was given the Neshawmaw Khayyeem “Breath of Life” with Yods which was blown in his nostrils, making him a living soul.
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The Breath of Life

A living being gets its life from its parents. The parents of a living being is its personal creator, and nature its impersonal creator. A living being is in the image and likeness of its mother and father. The parents of a living being is its creator by the help and laws of nature. A child’s life is born from its parents and is spontaneous. The father and mother of a child (or any living being) give up part of their lives through the sex act, and this is how the child gets its life. The father supplies the blood through the sex act, and the mother supplies the bones and flesh through the pregnancy period by the laws of nature and its inborn and spontaneous powers. Life itself is a burning. All life is a burning, including the life of vegetation. In people, the burning takes place in the lungs and blood. A person inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Carbon is the residue of burning, that is carbon is the waste of a burnt substance or gas. When oxygen enters the lungs, it reaches the blood and the acids in the blood ignite the oxygen and burn it, and that burning is Life. The burning generates light (Natural Electricity) and the blood transmits the light to the brain; then the person is able to think, see, feel, hear, taste, and smell. The burning is spontaneous by nature and acids thereof. This can be seen in what is called Kirlian photography. When food substances seep through the lacteals of the small intestines and reach the blood stream, the acids in the blood ignite and burn the substances. The heat and energy produced from the burning generate pressure (blood Pressure) and the blood distributes the pressure to the various glands and nerve centers, then the person is able to move the various parts of the physical being and the heart is able to keep the blood flowing and distributing energy, and nourishing particles throughout the living being to maintain strength and keep the flesh alive. The burning is the initiative to all life activities of the body, for the burning is life. Therefore, when the burning stops permanently, that is the end of life, then the person gets cold and stiff.

Open your mouth and blow on the back of you hands and you will feel heat from the burning. In order to determine whether life can continue after death of the body, it had to be known first, what life is. Now that you know life is a burning, it is also true that the body of a living being provides the condition (The necessary combined factors) for burning, therefore, without this condition for burning, there can be no life. All this means is that physical life cannot go beyond the death of the physical person, because there is no condition outside the physical body that can continue the burning for a person. Hence, when the burning stops permanently, the person’s body loses all consciousness and that is the end of physical life. A person’s spirit is his or her divine body, and it links to the divine soul called El yahuwa making you an eloheem, and the head of the spirit is his or her mentality, meaning, the mind. The breath of life is simply oxygen, one of the gases of nature. The Ancients further maintained that eternal life for a person or a race is continuous pro-creation (perpetual reproduction) of that person’s family or kind. For example, no Nubian (Ethiopian-Kuwshites, Woolly-Haired Person) is ever dead (in the ethnical sense) as long as two breeding Nubians (male and female) are still alive and together, because all Nubians are of the same origin or ancestral tree. Hence, as long as two breeding Nubians live, all Nubians (living and dead) live through them for all Nubians are the same flesh and blood.

Now we all have spirit as you have read in the beginning of this blog. As living people we can learn to live amongst each other but due to envy of some people, racism exist. Blacks or nubians cant be racist as we are the dominant genetic carriers of all humans thus affording us the soul and making us Superior by nature, NETER. Although you may experiance racism you can still be an angelic presence and save a life by just these simple instructions on how to perform CPR. We can save anyones life with these instructions.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  (CPR)

How to properly do CPR

– Check for responsiveness by tapping on person and shouting if s/he’s ok.
– Shout for help/direct someone to phone 911 and get AED, if you know how to use AED use it.
– Check for breathing or no normal breathing (only gasping); scan from head to chest for a minimum of 5 seconds and no more than 10 seconds
The Performance of CPR

1. Get the correct hand placement

– Lower half of the breastbone

– 2-handed (second hand on top of the first)
2. Compression rate of 100 to 120/min.

– Deliver 30 compressions in 15 to 18 seconds
3. Compression depth and recoil- at least 2 inches (5 cm)

– Use of a commercial feedback device/manikin is highly recommended

– Complete chest recoil after each compression
Providing Breaths
1. Opens airway adequately

– Uses head tilt-chin lift maneuver
2. Delivers each breath over 1 second
3. Deliver breaths that produces chest rise
4. Avoid excessive ventilation
5. Resume chest compressions in less than 10 seconds

To become CPR certified visit this link and go get certified.