The Great Adobe of Heaven

The Great Adobe of Heaven
Question: Where is this great adobe, and what is it called?
79. It’s called Calneh, and each one of you are a Djed pillar in the great fortress. In fact, you are “the fortress of Anu” , and your chest is the vault, and your tongue, the key.

Question: How should I use the most precious key?

80. To dispel of lies and misinformation, by speaking truth, confirmed facts, that will open the hearts of all.
Question: But are we not mere men and women?
81. No, we as etheric or spiritual beings, existed before gender, or the creation of men and women on this planet, and in order of existence, the fact is that women, or the female genetically existed before the creation of men or the male.
Question: What, are you saying women are gods and predate men?
82. Exactly, this is the best kept secret that is best to be known now.
Excerpt from the Sacred Records of Atum-Re by Dr. Malachi Zodok York El aka Paa Nabab Yanuwm, Amunnubi Reakhptah