The Mother Is GOD

The Mother Is GOD

134. The mother is GOD, she grows each being male or female in her womb. 

Question: Can she perform this act without a male?

135. Yes. It is obviously the original way, and in many cases this still happens to this day.
136. The process by which it happens is the bartholin gland within the wombman, which is located on either side of the vaginal orifice that secrets a lubricating mucus and are equivalent to the bulbo urethral glands in the male, which is located below the prostrate and it discharges a component of seminal fluid into the urethra. 137. The prostrate secretes a thin milky fluid with a characteristic odor; this fluid constitutes the greater part of semen that is deposited into the female vagina and that contains the spermatozoa. 

138. So a woman is capable of reproduction on her own internally, without the help of the males sperm. 

Question: How did woman lose their role as gods, and become subservient to her offspring, the male?

139. Through her love and compassion, which weakened her into submission. Women lost their rule, when they grew to love their offspring, and thus through this emotion and love, it yielded to his rule.

Question: So why does woman use man to reproduce?

140. This servent was upgraded by the creation of what is called steroids today. That would be the utilization of the reptilian’s strength, which is defined as the poison of the toad and the male’s own testosterone fluids. This would speed up his metabolism, increase muscle strength, hair growth, body structure, making him a suitable work machine, hunter and slave. In time she became attracted to this masculinity, and because of the fondness that women as gods grew for man, she eventually wanted to give birth to the same genes as her offspring, and thus she used his genes to create a duplicate of him and her, to make the bond closer. It was because of the toad or reptilian poison, overdeveloped muscular men after the use of steroids begin to take on the appearance of an outstretched frog.

141. As generations went by, women depended on the male for reproduction, and she lost the knowledge of reproducing on her own, by giving the power to man to protect, defend and hunt for her.

142. Eventually he turned his weapons, strength and power on her and he does to this day, and he rules not by intellect, but by brute force. – excerpt from The Sacred Records of Nafer Atum-Re, Dr. Malachi Zodok York-El.

Question: So the woman smarter than the man?

143. By far, so much so, that she lets man think he is the smartest. However, the woman still has the capabilities of being god, because she is the only one who nurtures and suckles her young. The mother prepares her offspring for survival. She nurtures and looks after her young, both male and female. The first teacher to any human being is the mother.
144. If you notice everything that a man has on his body, a woman has the same thing. However, this fact proves that women are superior, because a man has breast and nipples, but he can’t breast feed.


Question: What proof do you have of that?

145. Scientists know for a fact that the male has the same mammary gland of a woman, yet his is rudimentary, which simply means incomplete, or in its beginning stages and it produces the same fluids, but lacking the nutritional value, needed to breast feed a child.146. So, he in actuality is deficient in producing a vital substance, when the woman does that through the same glands naturally, rendering her the superior. However, today scientists and doctors are trying to find a way of impregnating men by injection, and men today are now starting to get breast cancer.

Question: How can you say that woman and men have the same body, when a man has a penis and a woman has a vagina?

147. Simple, any scientist or doctor can tell you that during very early development of the human embryo, there is no anatomical indication of the sex of the child.

148. At 6 or 16 weeks after fertilization, the gonads appear neutral, each having an inner portion of testicular material and an outer zone of ovarian tissue.
149. The one portion or the other gains an advantage in growth; if a Y chromosome is present, it is the testicular tissue.
150. It enlarges and begins the secretion of the male sex hormones, which in turn stimulate the development of male sexual ducts, and the external genitalia and it inhibits the growth of the ovarian part of the gonad, and of other female organs.
151. The effect begins to be evident at about the end of the second month of embryonic life. The genital tubercle enlarges, surrounds the urethral opening, and it becomes the male penis.

152. The male duct becomes a sperm duct, and the female duct remains rudimentary.

153. The folds of skin on either side of the urogenital opening enlarge, and it forms the scrotum, which will receive the testes when they descend from the body cavity shortly before birth.

154. On the other hand, if a Y chromosome is not present, ovarian tissue will develop first at the critical point in the embryonic development and inhibit the growth of the testicular portions of the neutral gonad.

155. Then the general tubercle remains small, and it forms the clitoris, which does not surround the urethral openings as in the male.

156. The male ducts degenerate, while the female ducts differentiate into oviducts, uterus, and upper part of the vagina.

157. With these facts in mind, it tells you that a woman is capable of giving birth internally without the help of a male’s penis.

Question: So the bartholin gland within a woman, is it in a state of being maimed?


158. Yes. Just like you were maimed, and your Barathary Gland was removed. This same process happened to women, when they surrendered their godliness to men.