The New Babylon

The New Babylon 

The United Nation Is The Capital Of ” New Babylon ” , The United Nation Was Hailed As The International Organization For So-Called ” Peace And Security ” , Yet , Skillfully Set Up To Oppose The Coming Of The Divine Kingdom Of Most High . From This Can Be Seen How The Devil Systematically Operates His Efforts To Rampage And Destroy The World Under The Disguise Of Being In The Best Interest Of ” Peaceful Co – Existence , The Seventeeth Chapter Of The Book Of Revelation , Verse Thirteen Says ; ” These Have One Mind And Shall Give Their Power And Strength Unto The Beast , ” This Again Is Stressing That All The Nations Of People Are Under The Power Of One Head, The United Nations , The International Trade Center , Wall Street , The Empire State Building , And The Twin Towers Are Going To Be The First To Be Overturned . They Are The Heart , Capital , And Economy Of The New Babylon — America . All Are Located In New York City ; The Empire State .
Revelation 18 ; 18 ( Modern Greek Script ) And I Quote ; And They All Cried When They Saw The Smoke Of Her Burning , Saying ; ”Who Resembles This Great City , 

I’ll Tell You Who Resembles This City With Its Pornography , Drugs , Evil , And Homosexuality ; Sodom And Gomorrah ! Did You Know That Sodom And Gomorrah Were Once Called The Twin Cities ? The Symbol Of The Twin Towers Is Combination Of Sodom And Gomorrah And The Tower Of Babylon . Nimrod Said ” He Would Build A Tower That Would Reach Up Until The Heavens ” At One Time The Empire State Building Was The Highest Building In The World . Now , Every Time Someone Builds A Tower Higher , The Devil Has To Build One Even Higher In New York City Because It Is The Seat Of Sodom And Gomorrah . Just As The Angelic Beings Came To Sodom And Gomorrah To Get The Family Of Lot Out , I Am Trying To Get You Out Of This Wicked City .

Genesis 19 ; 1 ( Modern Hebrew Script ) And I Quote ; And The Two Messenger’s Urial ” Fire Of El ” And Rephael ” Raising Up To El ” Came To Sodom In The Eveing Time ; And Lot ” Who Covered ” Sat In The Gate Of Sodom ; And Lot Saw Them , And Stood Up To Meet Tem ; And He Prostrated Himself With His Face To The Planet Earth ; 

It Is No Coincidence The Forces Of Evil In The Popular Movie Series . ” The Empire Strikes Back ” Were Called The ” Empire ” , This Movie Depicts The Continuing War Of The Angelic Beings Of Light Against The Agents Of Darkess . 

Revelation 6 ; 8 ( Modern Greek Script ) And I Quote ; And I , News Bearer John , Looked And There Was A Pale Horse , Pale Yellow Colorless Complexion , Symbolic Of Weakness , A Dying Empire ; Its Rider , Presidents Or Leaders Was Named Death Because They Are Killers Of All Kinds Of Living Creatures And Hell Follows Near Behind For After This Last Empire America Falls Only Hell Follows . These Nations Killed By Way Of Swords In Wars And Hunger And Famine And With Death By Diseases And With The Beast Of The Planet Earth .