Your Personalities And Your Body

Your Personalities And Your Body
9. Your inner voices crowd your mind.
10. In some cases, they take over and people kill others or themselves.

11. Some fight, others die from what is called a broken heart.

12. Your inner beings wish this person’s genes out your body; out his or her being, out and gone.

13. That is that strange feeling you think is betrayal, or “cheating on you”.

14. And you out right lose control.

15. It’s the inner family all upset.

16. It goes back to the 30 personalities in you and your ancestors.

17. If you are vegetarian and have been one for years, that is obviously you.

18. That is your conscious choice.

19. Then one day you smell a burger and you suddenly have this urge to eat this burger after being a vegetarian say for 20 years.

20. What is that?

21. Well one of your ancestors may have been a real carnivore, and after smelling the scent of the burger which is in the air and goes in your nose, so you are actually in taking tiny bits of this burger and it awakened someone who wants it.

22. Now consciously you are saying, I know I shouldn’t eat that burger, I don’t even like meat. But for some reason I been craving this burger since I smelt it the day before.

23. Again that is not you.

24. Now here is the clincher.

25. If you give in to that personality who may have been n30 let’s say, now they have moved up one place on the “ladder” and are now n29. 

26. They actually have become stronger and if you keep “feeding” n30 who may have been a glutton,

27. Which means it is not going to stop with food, it can turn into something and everything else if you do not get the personality under control.

28. Looking at you from the outside people may say, “well so and so changed”.

29. They used to be so “this or that”.

30. Now they seem totally different.

31. That is because “the so and so” you know is now suppressed for whatever reason and took over.

32. So in essence, they are totally different because someone else is in the “drivers’ seat”.

33. Does the body work off heat or cold?

34. The body works off of heat and to feed that fire you must have fuel which is the food you consume.

35. Your body is your own personal temple and the “fire” is what burns the food inside.

36. That same scent that your body gives off is what can attract a lion to want to eat you.

37. The problem is, people are forgetting that they are just another animal.

38. Your body acts as the altar to a temple and different beings are attracted by what is placed on your altar.

39. So if you consume lots of blood or red meat, thus you will attract those types of beings as well.

40. If you put lots of grains or plants on your altar you will attract those type of beings as well.

41. You are what you eat.

42. If you are from India and you eat a lot of spicy and curry foods, your body will emit that scent.

43. If you are Chinese, your body will smell like the food you consume.

44. The same way a lion will attack someone because they smell the food that was put on your personal “altar”;

45. And the smell or the smoke of the offering is permeating from your pores and giving off a scent.

46. The ancients understood this science, and is the reason the ancient Egiptians would remove the brains as well as the vital organs and place them in canopic jars.

47. This way the body would be preserved by drying out and removing anything that would retain moisture for the purpose of Paa Nazduru to return and bring the deceased Pharaoh back to life.

48. The forces of 6- ether are attracted to rotting flesh, because they want to enter the body and experience the physical again.

49. The moisture is what the forces feed off of.

50. This is the same reason the Taynum-Khyu want to touch you all the time, they want to be up in your face to talk to you, to breathe in your breath.

51. They put their hands on key glands or pulse points of the body;

52. Such as the back of the neck, so they can reach the pulse point behind the ears.

53. Or with babies they always touch the crown spot on top of the babies’ head or the temples.

54. Yet, they claim to dislike you so much.

55. As time went on some of this knowledge was retained and people were buried in coffins and then covered with marble and then placed in a mausoleum and the door was closed and locked to ensure nothing got out;

56. No vapor or scent to attract the disembodied forces from entering and taking over the deceased body.

57. Have you ever seen an intoxicated person walk and it appears as if something is pushing them?

58. Well, something is.

59. There are forces that are able to manipulate the person’s etheric cord because while in this state of intoxication the alcohol makes the blood thinner.

60. These forces are trying to make him fall so that those spirit forces or beings on a lower level can enter inside his body and take it over for whatever amount of time they are able.

61. The only problem is they need a way to get in the body.

62. Have you ever noticed that an alcoholic has scars on their body?

63. The goal of the spirit force that control his etheric cord is to make him fall to the ground, and make him break his skin;

64. Thus creating an opening to the body and a doorway for these 6 ether spirit forces from a lower or sub-plane, to possess the person, whose conscious mind is easily suppressed in this intoxicated state. 

65. The man’s subconscious mind takes over allowing these sub-level beings to take over through the subconscious mind.

66. This is why once the possession is over they usually are unaware of what has happened to them.

67. That’s just another reason why Nuwaupians don’t become drunk because you open yourself up to be used by forces from lower realms.

68. Don’t eat red meat, because the blood and rotten flesh attract disembodied, disagreeable, or sub-level beings to be attracted to your body.

69. They just wait around for an opportunity to get inside your body and do with you what they will.

70. There is science behind these forces.

71. It is not spookism; they are facts and we are Ontologist.

72. Another example of the 30 other yous is the same way a person who is diagnosed as having bipolar personality or split personalities by a doctor, because they hear another voice or often times more than one voice.

73. They actually hear voices and don’t know where they are coming from and no one else can hear them because they are from within.

74. Some people call them whispers.

75. They are the voices of your ancestors.

76. Some people are still connected to them and it was something we as people used to have as a natural part of our culture.

77. However, since so much of our culture and way of life is lost or is removed from us, so is the connection to our ancestors and descendants who wait for our call to help us, but we do not even know how to reconnect with them.

78. Some are agreeable or helpful and some are harmful.

79. You may have a relative who was evil and selfish and may pop up and make you do something mean because you listened to that “thought” as your own, when you should have rejected it.

80. There have been times when a thought crossed your mind and you are like, “where did that thought come from? I was not thinking anything like that.”

81. That is because it wasn’t your thought and you recognized it and rejected it, consciously.

82. Now you know what or better who that thought is not, not you.

83. It was one of your relatives. So again you have to take control of the 30 others so they do not control you.